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Living Faith Cathedral East Church of God in Christ Ministry is a Pentecostal holiness ministry.  Having a goal to represent Christ with love, support, and integrity, while serving the local and surrounding communities. By empowering people spiritually, educationally,financially,vocationally, they will be encouraged and motivated to glorify God. Through the knowledge, application and proclamation of the Word of God, where mankind will be reconciled to God.

A. This ministry main goal is to implement various Outreach initiatives

  • Help find transitional housing, elder/day care, marketplace ministry and social programs

B.  Foster discipleship

  • Building a lifestyle of prayer, fasting, and worshiping God by employing Bible-based instruction, through practical application of God's Word

C.  Provide fellowship

  • Cultivating relationships with other liked mined ministries with planned activities, gatherings, etc.

D.  Evangelize

  • Beginning with outreach to the whole society, being committed to the reaching and deliverance of souls in the marketplace.

Ultimately, the whole vision is to allow the Spirit of God to move freely and to bring God Glory through saving souls who hear, doing and obeying God's word as it relates to all aspects of kingdom building.

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Andrew Banks
Amen on the word of God going forth in the world. The more we speak about what Jesus has done for us.

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