What is the best way to share the Gospel?

Living Faith Cathedral East stands by its Mission Statement:The place where the ministry and depth of the word of God is the focus of our future, and the path wherein we must walk and live; embodied by the word in song by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost that he gives to lift our spirits and minds above life's challenges; and to ensure the Soul's of men and women are led to Christ with a desire to have a life changing experience to live soberly, righteously, and Godly in this present world. The Mission is to provide ministry, music, and the primary goal is implement various Outreach initiatives for saving souls, through the unity of fellowship and the word of God, to place a great value on every soul.

Evangelism is communicating the Gospel biblically sound for effective witnessing: A biblically effective philosophy of delivering the Gospel on evangelism revolves around being ethical to other persons while communicating the word of God. Have effective communication skills when evangelizing to people in need of a relationship with Christ. To be an effective evangelist, one must spread the Gospel in a meaningful context of values projecting good qualities of character, as the evangelist witness to people in need of a relationship with Christ. Communication containing biblical qualities is the only method to express the message when contacting a person who needs to hear the Gospel. They must be bold, steadfast, and unmovable as they strive to see the day of salvation of non-believers that they bring to Christ (2 Cor 6; 2).  True evangelism is to be biblically effective within the context of creating personal relationships with the listeners to whom Christians witness. Everyone must seek to initiate evangelism that will reach the masses of non-Christians; recognizing that this is the way to achieve wisdom and self-discipline. 

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Andrew Banks
Amen on the word of God going forth in the world. The more we speak about what Jesus has done for us.
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