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The Building of a Great Minsitry starts small and continues to grow as the ministry teams grows.

Starting with a good Guest Welcome Team:greeting people as they arrive at church and helping as an usher to find seats and accommodate the needs of our guests.

Worship Team : including sound board, video, lighting, and powerpoint operators) - if you're a gifted musician or vocalist and love the Lord, you can contact our Worship Leader to begin the process of helping in our Sunday Worship Services.

Prayer Ministry:committing to pray for the emergency and special needs that arise in our church.

Christian Education Ministries: The gift of administration is most helpful for coordinating one of the following ministries. People with the leadership gift could help take these ministries to the next level but unless accompanied by the gift of administration or a personality bent toward administrative efficiency, they might struggle with doing what it takes to maintain or sustain these ministries. Teaching, wisdom, and/or knowledge also have a place in this area of ministry.

Children's Ministries:helping in various ways with Children's Church on Sunday morning as a teacher, or assisting our teachers in their classes.You could also help with special events held throughout the year.

Youth Ministries:assisting our Youth Pastors in reaching out to our young people as they make life changing decisions in this key time of their lives.

Young Adult ministries: Teenagers Sr High and college-age students represent a strategic ministry opportunity and in turn can serve as ministers and missionaries to others.

Men's Ministries:helping to organize ministries and events that facilitate the spiritual growth and relationships of the men at our church.

Women's Ministries:helping to organize ministries and events that facilitate the spiritual growth and relationships of the women at our church.

Senior Adult Ministries:All churches are called to care for their older members, yet there are many components of this ministry that can be developed. In-home visitation, hospital visitation, holiday outreach activities, and much more can benefit those who often feel isolated or alone.

Missions Team:coordinating the Missions endeavors at the church.

Prison Ministry:Outreach to the incarcerated and their family members.

Benevolence / Caring Ministries:While mercy and giving are the most obvious gifts to use in a benevolence type of ministry, certain ministries within it might also use the gifts of exhortation, hospitality or service.

Disability Ministry:While all churches are called to minister to those in physical need, serving those affected by disability provides life-changing help to those often neglected by others.

Homeless Ministry Team:reaching out to the homeless people near our church.

Disaster Relief Benevolent Team:determining the assistance that the church can give to people in an emergency situation.

Workplace Outreach:Since most adults spend the majority of their weekday hours at work, outreach in the marketplace offers connections to people the church might otherwise miss.

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Amen on the word of God going forth in the world. The more we speak about what Jesus has done for us.

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